General Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions

New cancellation terms for the benefit of our guests

Families and individuals

Free cancellation up to 7 days before arrival for families and individuals. (Valid for regular bookings. Not valid for package tours.)
In case a family member is tested covid-19 positive, cost-free cancellation is granted is we have been informed by 6pm on day prior to arrival. 

Groups / Schools / Conferences

If you make a booking at one of the youth hostels (Jugendherberge) in Bavaria, you will benefit from the new cancellation terms. You can now cancel a booking 14 days before arrival date. This applies for bookings with departure dates up to 31 December 2021.

For 2022,  we accept cost-free cancellation 4 weeks before booked arrival date.

Due to the pandemic, we grant all our guests cost-free cancellation of bookings, if we are informed by 6pm on the day before booked arrival. This applies under the following conditions:

•    when it is not possible for all the group members to travel due to official prohibitions or restrictions booking;
•    when the destination or the place of origin has been declared a risk region;
•    when one or more members of a group have documented proof of a   covid-19 infection or are in quarantine (cancellation applies for only such persons);
•    when, in similar cases, participation in the booked group activity is partly or gravely impacted, cancellation for these persons is accepted;
•    when a lockdown has been declared at the destination or place of origin. 

The following applies for all group bookings:
We reimburse any deposits made for or by the relevant members of private groups, school classes or conferences within 14 days of cancellation.