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Open youth hostels in Bavaria & booking options

We have provided an overview of the open youth hotels in Bavaria for your convenience. 

Protecting the health of guests and our personnel has always been our first priority. We follow the recommendations of the Robert-Koch Institute and the rules of the health authorities in order to prevent the transmission of disease. We do everything in our power to ensure that you feel at home in our hostels. Our comprehensive hygiene and security plan guarantees your complete security. 

Due to the current regulations, a number of our youth hostels remain closed for the time being. However, we assume that your planned stay at those hostels listed at “open” will remain available.

Please contact the relevant youth hostel or our service and booking center for information on bookings. 

Bavaria is and remains a wonderful holiday destination with wide open spaces, innumerable hiking trails full of adventure and reinvigorating fresh air.  

See you soon at your youth hostel!


Discover lakeside youth hostels

You can almost always find a DJH youth hostel near a lake in Bavaria. Take a hike along the lake, gaze down at the lake from the high mountains and experience unforgettable sunsets.

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Experience the mountains

Whether you are an occasional hiker or a professional climber, there are countless hiking trails to choose from.  One thing everybody shares is the indescribable feeling of standing on the mountain peak with a view of the horizon. Every meter you climb is rewarded with a feeling of boundless joy. 

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Mountain hiking with children

Climbing rocks, romping over mountain fields, playing hide-and-seek and watching animals – die Bavarian mountains offer many opportunities for children to discover the wonders of nature.

This is what makes the mountain experiences in the Bavarian youth hostels so appealing. While the children make new friends on the group tours, the parents can relax and recharge while admiring the view of the valleys. Crystal-clear lakes make for a perfect stay in the idyllic mountainside and our tours for big and small unforgettable. 

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