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Hof - at the top of Bavaria.

"At the top of Bavaria" is Hof's official slogan, and it doesn't only relate to its geographical location. The city and the region around it are soothing for the body and soul. A region for discoverers, pleasure seekers, culture and sports lovers, and nature enthusiasts. And for you. When you look down from the 32-metre town hall tower, a likeable city is spread out in front of you. The city centre of Hof is one of the most important historic city centres in Germany according to Zeit magazine. Neat facades and pretty sights are huddled together on a small space: Theresienstein, Germany's oldest public park and most beautiful park of the year in 2003. Around Untreusee lake, nature reveals all its charms. The Franconian Forest and Fichtelgebirge mountains lie just outside the city limits. A peaceful place.

Ready for the climb? The high ropes course and climbing park at Untreusee offers endless fun on an area of over 20,000 square metres. There's a climbing tunnel, Tarzan jumps, climbing nets, rope ladders, "monkey swing" and rope rides across the lake.
HoFlaHopp spells fun and games for everyone, small or large, in every weather, on a space of 2,000 sqm.
Highlights in Hof: special events at the observatory bring far-away galaxies closer for school classes and groups.
The city also has a lot to offer for water lovers with the "HofBad" indoor water park, the outdoor swimming pool (with 100-metre double water slide) and the new Hof sauna.
The "Fernwehpark" is a memorial site against xenophobia and racism and for an open-minded Germany. It was constructed 10 years after the fall of the Berlin wall, and stands for international understanding.
The Americans called Mödlareuth "Little Berlin": for decades, the village with a population of 50 was the symbol of a divided Germany.
"HOF" is short for "Home of Films", Wim Wenders once said on the Hof Film Festival. Since 1967, the most famous film directors get together in Hof every year.

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