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Schweinfurt – industry, art and much more

Museums and machines, art and industry - how does that go together? It's these contrasts that make Schweinfurt so fascinating. But see for yourself. Poet Friedrich Rückert once suggested that Weinfurt (from the word Wein, meaning wine) would have been a more befitting name for his birthplace than Schweinfurt (from the word Schwein, meaning pig). Today, the city is more about global business than agriculture. Moreover, the 1,200 year-old former imperial city still boasts plenty of items of culture. Modern architecture stands next to contemporary witnesses of centuries long gone. The spirit of the industrial pioneers in Germany, the cheerful mood of the imperial city's population and a fresh contemporary wind can all be felt in the city's streets.

Museums and machinery, art and industry – do they even go together? It is exactly these contrasts that fascinate us so much about Schweinfurt. Come and get an
idea for yourself.

"You could have been called Mainfurt, or Weinfurt, because you're leading the wine, but Schweinfurt ("pig"-furt), Schweinfurt will do just fine," is a ditty by Friedrich Rückert about his birthplace. These days, it's less agriculture that comes to mind and more the global economy. In addition, the 1200-year-old former imperial city has plenty of culture. Modern architecture stands alongside structures that were witness to past centuries. The spirit of the industrial pioneers, the exhilaration of the free imperial citizens and the fresh breeze of modernity waft through the streets.

The Main invites you to take a wonderful break on its bank or to go on trips by foot or by bike. Everywhere in the city, you will find little parks and oases of tranquility. In summer, the Baggersee with its Beach Cafe invites you to take a day's small holiday in the middle of the city.

Leisure activities in the area

The Georg Schäfer museum presents the world's most important private collection of paintings from the German-speaking regions in the 19th and early 20th century.
The historic city centre and lively weekly market are charming and cosy.
The renaissance style town hall is regarded as one of the most beautiful of its kind in southern Germany.
Take a plunge into Schweinfurt's world of water. Swimming pool, water park or bathing lake: you are spoilt for choice here.
Cycle through the Franconian wine land, the Hassberge mountains or Steigerwald forest.
To the water: the Main is great terrain for a boat tour.

Trips and excursions

  • Hundertwasser House in Untereisenheim
  • Hike to the river Main loop near Volkach
  • Geiselwind Amusement Park (60 km)
  • Bike trip to Wipfeld
  • Steigerwald Centre in Oberschwarzach 

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